Who May Receive Hospice Care?
                   The focus of hospice care is on palliative
                   medicine and supportive services rather
                   than the curative or cure-oriented therapies
                   and interventions.  Patients who have been
                   certified with a terminal prognosis by the
                   primary physician or hospice medical
                   director are considered for the program.  
                   Hospice care is a covered Medicare
                   benefit.  Following the development of the
                   Medicare Hospice Benefit, commercial
                   insurance carriers began to offer hospice

    Five Principles Of Hospice Care

                                                           Respects the goals, likes, and choices of a dying person

                                                           Looks after the medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the dying
           Supports the needs of the family members

                                                           Helps gain access to needed health care providers and appropriate care

                                                           Builds ways to provide excellent care at the end of life
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